Aluminium Insulated Flexible Duct Material description:

Insulation Aluminum Foil Flexible duct is suitable for ventilation system of high, medium & low pressure central air-conditioning and others. It has high-performance of temperature resistance and fire-proof. The outer structure is consisted of two-layer of PET (high temperature resistance). One layer of them is electroplated with aluminum powder by high voltage static and glass fiber filament is in the middle of two-layer to consist outer structure complexly. Inner tube is made of aluminum-foil paper which is consisted of high quality aluminum alloy and PET (high temperature resistance), it is supported by steel wire of high tension spiral carbon steel.

Aluminium Insulated Flexible Duct Material FEATURES:

1. Flexible duct is produced from multi layers aluminum strenthened with high tension hard steel spring wire.
2. Aluminum insulated & non-insulated air flexible duct(single &double layers)
3. Material is Glass Fiber cotton
4. Length: 10meters
5. Diameters: 4inch to 16inch
6. Fireglass thickness: 25mm
7. Fireglass density:16kg/m3 or 32k/25mm
8. Max velocity: 5500FPM
9. Temperature range: -20F to 250F
10. Flexible duct insulation & non-insulation are used for low or medium pressure heating cooling,ventiltion, exhaust and air conditioning systems.

Aluminium Insulated Flexible Duct Material Application:

High voltage, medium voltage, low voltage central air conditioning and ventilation system.

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