Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material

Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material

Material: aluminum foil Roll
Thickness : 20μm-150μm
Width : 35mm-1300mm
ID : 53mm (2.0in) or 76mm (3.0i)(Aluminum Foil Roll)
OD : 250mm-600mm(Aluminum Foil Roll)
Color : Silver,Gold,Black,Blue,Copper,ect

Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material Description

Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material Description:

Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material is constructed of a special aluminum foil alloy that prevents corrosion and metal fatigue
Machine fabrication produces a continuous lock seam that permits the duct to be pulled open, compressed, bent, and re-bent without developing leakage
It can be used for concealed venting and eliminates the need for elbows
Various applications include dryer venting, air conditioning, fresh air intakes, heating, and exhausting

Flexible Aluminum Pipe Material Application:

The Dundas-Jafine Flexible Aluminum Ducts have various applications such as dryer venting, air conditioning, fresh air intakes, heating, and exhausting.

Our Single Golden Aluminum Foil Duct Material Advantages:

Surface is processed by anodic oxidation, so it is smooth, clean, beautiful, corrosion resistance.
Reasonable design, superior materials, manufacture of high precision, complete variety, easy installation and cleaning.
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